Hey guys, I’m going to learn you over what is hotmail and how to create a hotmail account. Hotmail is very important mailing system to create unlimited account without any contact informations. So, learn it easily with these simple steps. 

What is Hotmail?

What is hotmail

Hotmail offers first web-based email support into the entire world in 1996 and based by jack smith and Sabeer Bhatia. Back in 1997 Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft. Following the purchase of Hotmail, Microsoft alters their user interface and add some new features like anti virus scan for attachments, calendar assistance, built from the tabs, spell checking, search, internet messenger in addition to several other capabilities.

In 2011, Hotmail has 360 million consumers per month in addition to available in 36 languages. In 2013 Hotmail has been replaced to Microsoft free private email added with a few new features like Microsoft’s Metro design terminology, carefully mimics or interface of Microsoft Outlook.

How to create Hotmail Account?

To create your hotmail account, you have to follow 10 simple steps. So, let’s start to create your hotmail account.


hotmail create account

Click on the Outlook link to go to the home page. Then, click Create free account button to create your hotmail.



hotmail create account

Click create free account button to go to the next level.


Create hotmail

Here are two options. One is outlook and another is hotmail. Select hotmail and a username to create a hotmail account. Finally, click Next button.


Create a password and check the checkmark and click the Next button. 


hotmail new account

You will provide your first and last name here and click Next.


create hotmail account

Select your country and birthday here. Remember to select your birthday date 18+ and click Next button to go to the following level.


hotmail signin

Enter the captcha. If you don’t understand the captcha, click New to get new captcha. You can also hear the captcha to click audio button.


Click next  icon 3 times and select an option from here. And finally click next icon again.


Here, click Get started button to create your account and get your hotmail account dashboard.


It’s your hotmail privet account. Let’s start to enjoy your mail to others.

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