If you want to start your blog, you just need a domain name. In this part of the blog, I’ll learn you how to choose a domain name. It is very important for every business or blog site or any others. Its the brand of the company which wants to engage to the online world.

No more discussion. Let’s start…….

What is a Domain Name?

A domain is an address of networking, devices, printers, workstations, computers and info servers that share different types of information via internet resources. What a stupid answer am I going to learn? A domain is an address of your blog/website.

A domain encompasses a domain controller that governs all basic domain functions and manages network security. Thus, a site is employed to manage all user functions, together with username/password and shared system resource authentication and access. a site is additionally accustomed to assign specific resource privileges, like user accounts.

Why do you need a domain?

A domain is an important element for your blog to do the first marketing or branding elements you’ll ever see. Depending on your domain, the first impression will be created and all will like you, your site, and your brand.

While it’s not possible to transfer a website later, it’ll take time and cash. It’s conjointly somewhat difficult and concerned task, and it’s simple to form a slip-up and mess things up.

There’s conjointly the SEO issue to contemplate. If you modify domains, you lose the SEO juice you’ve engineered up for that domain over time.

Follow the steps to choose the best domain name.

1. Choose a Short and Memorable domain name:

Your chosen domain name will be short and easy to read and memorable. It may be your own name or your any name you like most.

You can take your domain name’s first letter similar to amazon.com or ebay.com but It must not be the same for copyright problem.

2. Choose a popular extension ( .com recommended) :

There are lots of new name extensions out there these days, from the first .com, .org and .net to niche extensions like .blog, .academy, .un etc.

We perpetually advocate selecting a .com domain. Common people search domain with .com and that’s why I recommend it highly.

Dot-com domains are the foremost unforgettable. Many users, particularly people who aren’t as tech-savvy, can mechanically sort “.com” on the top of each domain stupidly concerning it.

3. Avoid any symbol:

Don’t use any symbol or marks in your domain name. It’s very harmful to your domain. If you use any kind of hyphen, comma or other symbol and got first ranking of Google. anyone must get advantages to rank their site to take your domain name without a symbol.

Domain name is always the unique word. If you add some letter with Amazon or eBay you can get the domain easily.

So you must be careful to choose a unique domain name without any marks. Your branded name always will be unique and anyone never will be able to use your name for their company.

4. Use Keyword:

It gives a lot of advantages if your blog domain name is a keyword. A good keyword domain name is always helpful for any company to success and to reach their goal.

A keyword blog domain name reaches your blog the top of the google ranking and helps your blog most popular.

When people search anything that they want to know they always search for their topic. And if your domain name is such type of keyword your blog/site have a possibility to reach them.

So that when you take your blog/site domain name always try to your best to find a good keyword domain name.

5. Easy to spell and pronounce:

Your blog domain name must be easy to spell. If your blog name is difficult to spell reader type a mistake and you lose your reader impressions.

The name of your blog must be simple and easy to pronounce. If your blog name is difficult to pronounce your fans do not remember your blog.

I always recommend choosing a good domain name your won name or a niche name what topic you choose for your blog site.

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