Guys, My today’s topic is on how to delete  theme in WordPress. It’s very easy to install and delete a wordpress theme. Here you will learn to delete theme from wordpress site using appearance and cpanel.

Delete a Theme in WordPress

As we install more themes on our wordpress site or blog to choose the best one. But when we active a theme, the other installed themes also stay in our storage. They never uninstall automatically until we remove them. So, we need to delete or uninstall them to get our storage free.

Our visitors want to know how to remove theme from wordpress. For that reason, I’m going to write the post. So, lets learn to delete wordpress theme.

How to delete themes from wordpress:

Here I’m going to teach you the two process to delete wordpress themes. One is using WP appearance option. And other one is using cpanel of your hosting.

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1. Delete WordPress Theme with Appearance option:

In this process, you will learn to remove theme using wordpress backend. So, follow the steps below to remove your wordpress theme.

1. Go to your wordpress dashboard. Then, click on the appearance option. After that, click theme option to see your installed themes.

wordpress theme delete

2. Decide which theme you want to delete. Just put the mouse pointer on that theme. Here, you will see theme details option in the middle position. Click on the Theme Details option.

delete wordpress theme

3. Take a look at the right lower corner. Here is your delete option to delete the theme. just click the delete option.

how to delete a wordpress theme

4. After click delete you will confirm to delete the theme forever.

Wp theme delete

Finally the result is below:

remove wordpress theme


2. How to delete a wordpress theme using cpanel:

If you don’t able to delete the unnecessary theme using the appearance option, use this second idea.

So, deleting wp theme using cpanel, you have to follow some simple steps.

1. Go to your cpanel. If you don’t know, type your domain name. After domain name type slash and then cpanel. Example:

Here, type your user name or password to log into your cpanel.

delete wordpress theme from cpanel

2. Click on the file manager option to get your wp theme.

remove wordpress theme from cpanel

3. Here, find your public html file and click on it. You can also click on wp content option to get the theme option. But, I recommend to look right side for more details.

uninstall wordpress theme from cpanel

In the right site, you will see the details of the files. So, use that platform.

cpanel wp theme delete

4. After clicking theme option, you will see the themes you installed before. Here, click a theme that you want to delete. Finally,  delete the theme clicking the delete option at the top.

cpanel wp theme remove

5. If you delete using cpanel, all the files store in the trash. So, click trash, then select select all option and finally delete option to remove the theme forever.

Wp theme delete in cpanel

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