If you want to start your blog, you must set-up your blog first. I think you already set up your website or blog. Now it’s time to find out topic and research keyword. Because It makes your site 50% successful. In this article, I’ll show you how to do keyword research and find out the best topic.

What is a keyword?

Keyword means a word, a phrase or some words which we use to search for anything on the internet or any search engines. It defines what the article or content is about.

Suppose, you want to buy a smartphone. You may want to know about the best one according to your demand and budget. So, you will see a review of those types of phones. To see your targeted mobile phone, you will search on google or such search engines. What word or phrase you will provide on google search bar is called keyword?

Why are keywords important?

Keywords are very important to a business or blog site. You always want to reach your customers first. You also want that your targeted audience will find you easily. In the online world, you always want your articles or products are on google first page to organic more traffic or audience. So, your content keyword must have a good search volume, low competition to rank up.

You also need to know what your visitors want and mind. To understand your audience, you must research their search style, search words, languages and their needs. And that’s why you must research the keyword properly.

It is very important to get the keyword related to your content or product. Your content must be a description of your keyword.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is completely related to the SEO task. It identifies popular words and phrases which people enter into search engines to get their targeted content. You can measure how is the demand for certain keywords and how hard it would be to compete for those terms in the organic search results.

It is not only to find out the high volume keyword, but also to research its competitors CPC rate and SEO difficulties.

How many types of keywords?


There are many types of keywords. But, I always separate into two parts based on search type and SEO type.

Search type keyword:

People generally search with keywords on search engines are 3 types.

Informative keyword:

sometimes People want to know various information on search engines and that is called informative keyword. If your target is to learn something to your audience, You must choose these types of keywords.

Review keyword:

The audience generally wants to know about their demanded product and don’t buy the product directly. They want to know about different types of such products and that’s why they search review on this product. So they search the review with some keywords and it is called review type keyword.

Affiliate marketers generally choose this type of keyword because visitors sometimes buy their products with the review referral link.

Buy intend keyword:

Customers always use these types of keywords to buy their product directly to the shop or e-commerce site. These types of keywords are used by product seller sites.

SEO type keyword:

There are also 3 types of keywords in SEO type.

Head type Keyword:

Head type keyword is your niche topic keyword. If your niche topic is the smartphone, Smartphone will be your head type keyword. Head type keyword has 1 or 2 words. It has a lot of search volume and high competition.

If your blog or website is a new one, probably this types of keywords are not for you. The top authority sites always grab this types of keywords.

Body type keyword:

Body type keyword has generally 2 or 3 words. If your niche topic is the smartphone, your body type keyword may be Samsung smartphone or best smartphone etc. Its search volume and competitor is medium.

If you are a newbie and you have enough budget for SEO, you can use body type keyword to rank up search engines and get a good traffic.

Long tail keyword:

Long tail keyword always has a less search volume and fewer competitors. If you are a newbie on the blog and want to SEO yourself, a long tail keyword will be best for you. It has always competitors and easy to rank up on search engine result. If your niche topic is the smartphone, your long tail keyword may be the best smartphone under $100 or used Samsung smartphone in New York.

Though longtail keywords have very less search volume, I recommend you to choose this types of keywords. These types of keywords help you to raise up your authority value. If your authority raises up, then you will choose body type keyword and finally head type keywords.

How to do keyword research?

You are the wonder of how to do keyword research with great fear. Ok, don’t worry I’ll show you very easy to find out topic and research keyword.

To research keyword, you will need to follow some tools and some simple steps. Here, I’ll use Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, and niche forum to find out a good topic. After finishing to find out a good topic, I’ll use google keyword planner to research keyword. Though there are a lot of keyword research tools, I use the free tool Google keyword planner which provide you with a good result because it is the owner of Google itself.

Step 1:

At first, install some extensions to your browser. I recommend you to use the google chrome web browser. For this just go to extensions options and search these extensions. If you have not found there, go their official site and add the extensions.

suppose your industry niche is the smartphone, Just go to google.com  or amazon.com and then type smartphone on Google or Amazon search bar.

In Amazon:

Just type smartphone and you will see some suggestions what others search. You can choose a topic like “unlocked smartphone” and save it a text file.

In Google:

Type smartphone on Google search bar and you’ll find some other suggestions. You may pick a keyword like “smartphone brand ranking 2018” and save it a text file

In the bottom of google page:

Here, you will see some related topic to the smartphone. You can also choose some topic from here and save it in your text file. features of a smartphone

In keyword everywhere:


You can also find topics in your related niche forum. To find out the topic from your niche forum, just go to google and type your niche topic word+forum (smartphone forum) and find out your favorite topic. A forum is a media where webmasters share their ideas among themselves.

pinterest.com, reddit.com, tumblr.com, stumbleupon.com, digg.com, del.icio.us, slashdot.org, Livejournal.com are some worlds best social bookmarking sites. You can join these sites to get topic ideas. Webmasters bookmark their topic in a social bookmark site.

You can get huge topic ideas in a social bookmarking site.

Step 2:

Here, you can use a free or paid tools to research your keywords. There are many keyword research tools, but, here, I will use the Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest tools.

We always check our keyword on Google incognito window.

At first, log in your Gmail and go to your browser and type Google keyword planner or click here to log in.

Just click on Tools button and then keyword planner option to go find new keywords.


Just click on the arrow sign to go to search option.

In Google keyword planner:

There are many settings here. At first, select your targeted location, language and Search networks. You can also be a fixed date. There are many options to select or deselect category.

Here, I search on “unlocked smartphone”. But, there are a lot of competitions of the keyword. Let’s seek medium or low competitions.

After seeking bottom, I find a good search volume for medium competitions called “how to unlock iPhone 6”. Now let’s check it on Ubersuggest.

In Ubersuggest:

There are lots of search volume and competition is under 50. So, we can check it Moz bar.

Let’s go google incognito window and search the keyword.

On Moz bar:

Here, you must check the Google first page DA and Pa. If the DA and PA are under 40 or 30, It will be easy to rank up. So, we can finalize the keyword for our project.


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