You know that “Content is the King” of a website or blog site. So do you know what content is or how to write a blog or content? If you don’t know, you are in the right place to learn how to write a blog post 100% professional way. If you set-up your blog site properly, It is time to write more and more blog and upload these. A blog post is an associate entry (article) that you simply write on your blog that spread your ideas to the people around the world. It will embody content within the style of text, photos, infographics, or videos. If you want to start a new blog or already started one, the next step would be to figure out what to write. The aim of a content is, personal or business, content would play an important role within the blog success. You need to appreciate that the net is oversaturated with matter content. Thus, for your diary posts to square out, you would like to take a position serious effort to form nice content. In this article, I’ll show you ways to how to write a blog or content and create them informative. Blog post format

What you Learn in this Article.

1. How to identify your first blog post’s topic. 2. How to craft a working title that will capture readers’ attention. 3. How to write an Intro with a motivational bang. 4. How to write a blog or content. 5. How to use images to enhance your post, improve its flow, add humor, and explain complex topics. 6. How to edit/proofread your post and fix your formatting. 7. How to write a blog closing. 8. Add a featured image. 9. How to add proper tags. 10.How to Publish your first post as a hero.

Identify your first blog post’s topic:

Before you even write something, you would like to choose a subject for your blog content. the subject is pretty general to start out with. for instance, if you’re a plumber, you would possibly begin out thinking you wish to jot down regarding leaky taps. Then, as you are doing your analysis, you’ll expand the subject to debate a way to fix a leaky regulator supported the varied causes of a regulator leak. You might not wish to leap right into a “how-to” article for your 1st blog content, though, and that is okay. maybe you want to get down regarding modern kinds of regulator setups or tell one explicit success story you had rescuing a regulator before it flooded someone’s house. Your first blog may be: A recent project What motivates you A book you’ve read A problem you’ve solved Something that inspires you If you don’t have any topic you like to write a blog, you can search on google with your keyword and read similar topics. But don’t copy any article, It will be dangerous for your blog.

Craft a working title that will capture the reader’s attention:

The blog title is the most important to write a blog or content. Your blog title should be your total content idea. A good blog title covers the reader’s attention more. You’ll browse tons concerning optimizing your content for search engines, and whereas that it’s vital, if you don’t optimize your content for humans, then you’ll never gain the exposure that it takes to ultimately get links and rank well in search engines. If you write content that people like to browse, then you may get traffic, social shares and links as your audience grows.icons to represent every network, or use official boxes, buttons, and badges from these networks. The content assists you to build your social share, Social share helps you to popular your site and getting more reader.

Write an Intro with a motivational bang:

It is very important to have a nice introduction to every blog or content. In a blog post, the intro is basically the first paragraph that appears the description of the blog post title. The introduction usually displays top of the article depending on the blog design. This is not very important in the number of blog posts you publish, but the quality. It’s not enough to just have a good blog post title, your blog post title must attract people, and your introductions must hook them further. Your blog post must have a transition because your hook attracts your reader’s attention and the transition connect the hook to the body of your article. Your article also has a thesis because it summarizes your topic that your readers can get ideas about your readers. It is very important for a blog post to attract people to read the total article.

Explain your content:

It’s your goal what you want to know or learn your readers. If you really want to learn your readers something special or attractive, you must have followed some rules. Let’s learn some such rules that help you to win readers mind and grab more traffic on your blog site.

Put the most important information first:

To write a blog post is completely different from writing an essay or a book. On a blog content, your most important and interesting information always comes first. For example, you’re looking for a smartphone with modern facilities. When you arrive at a blog, you want to see it sells smartphones. And then you want a search box so you can know you can quickly find out what phone’s have all the modern facilities and looking good.

Use simple or familiar words:

In your blog post, you must use simple words because all the people searching on the google are not highly educated or knowing better English. As your blog is all classes of people, your content statement and words must be simple. If your content words are complex most of the readers search more simple post and thus you lost a valuable reader. Your visitor is looking for familiar words because they’re the scent trail that tells him he’s in the right place.

Write for lazy people:

There are many people who want to find their desired things without any jumbling. For them, your content has some features that attract them to read out your blog post. Your written paragraph may have 2-4 sentences and these will be short and simple. Skip any unnecessary words and avoid jargon. Avoid the passive tense and needless repetition.

Use images to enhance your post and explain complex topics:

Blogging is not just text written on a post. A good article is the combination of text, images, and various multi-media elements like charts, videos, slides etc. It enhances your article, improves flow and most important thing it explains complex topics easily. When you use a picture inside your article, it helps to create the post look longer. It doesn’t will increase the word count of the article, however, it helps in creating it look a lot of elaborate. A picture is the price of one thousand words. Having a picture makes your content look visually appealing, this can be true only if you’re victimization the proper image to convey your message. Your image ought to be relevant to the context of the article and will be somehow connected. Images additionally assist you to grab legion traffic from image search engines. Except for this to figure, you would possibly get to optimize many things just like the text and image description. Not solely it’ll compel users to share your content on their social media networks, it additionally helps you to drive a lot of traffic from social media sites. One key issue here is to confirm that once your readers share your diary posts on social media sites, that shared post ought to contain the proper image that is optimized for social media.

Edit/proofread your post and fix your formatting:

Before publishing your blog post, it is very important to carefully proofread it. Editing and Proofreading of written content is the last step to publish a perfect blog posting. When editing content, you should first read it slowly and carefully to determine whether or not it communicates it’s the message. If the paragraphs that follow do not naturally flow, you might want to rewrite those parts of your content. During this part of editing, you should find errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar etc. You can use Grammarly apps to solve your editing and proofreading.

write a proper closing:

The conclusion ought to be a paragraph or 2 at the top of your post to summarize what the reader ought to have gotten out of it. If they didn’t, chances are high that, they’re going to return to examine what they may have lost. The last line of your journal post ought to be some variety of a decision to act. It is often as easy as asking readers to share their thoughts in the comments or to share the post on social media if they enjoyed it. If your post was written to push a selected product or service, the decision to action ought to encourage the reader to be told more concerning it. You don’t have to be compelled to embrace all of the weather from this list in each post, however, make certain you usually have partaking introduction, quality content, and a solid conclusion.

Add a featured image:

It is the importance of adding a featured image to your content. There are many reasons for adding a featured image for your blog post. A nice featured image helps to draw visitors’ attention to your blog. It tells a visitor what your blog post is about without forcing them to read anything. A featured image indirectly improves your content’s SEO. To get high-quality free images to go here. They give readers’ eyes an occasion from all that text and create it easier to search out the diary posts, product pages, etc. they’re trying to find. They improve the complete name after you use high-quality and unforgettable photos. Content conjointly becomes additional appealing to folks running across it for the primary time on social media or in news somebody feeds.

Add proper tags:

Tags are very useful to grab your blog visitors to find related content. To get good traffic on your blog depends on a well-defined and consistent tag taxonomy. A well-researched tag can increase the quantity and quality of readers to your Blog. Your keywords square measure the bottom for your tags analysis. once researching for keywords and hashtags, there square measure limitations. Keywords have abundant less flexibility than hashtags.

Publish your first post as a hero:

After completing all the above steps now it’s the time to publish your first blog post.  Highlete some very important lines, add some important links, color something you need to focus. This is important to select a category for your every post.

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