Hello guys, welcome to my new and exciting session. Wondering what I am learning to you? What is the topic all about? The topic that I’m going to tell you is the most important and demanded topic. How to write faster.

Many blogger complain that their thinking is good, they have proper topic knowledge but they fail to finish their post on time and they don’t write the long post or more post they expected per week . Does this have something to do with our writing speed or style? Yes, so what are the ways to increase our speed. what should be done to write faster?

The first important thing is the tool like keyboard, computer or laptop. Try using a good keyboard which will help you to write continuously. Never change  your useable keyboard and use the same keyboard to practice and even during your office or workplace.

 You can use a typing software to type faster. 

Always try to type to see the monitor not keyboard. 


Friends, we have to train our fingers and hand muscles to write fast. How can we do that? Ok tell me, how does any athlete achieve their running speed? Yes, it is by practice that they train their body and build their stamina to run fast. The same logic applies here as well. 

1. Think about the topic or article:

 This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-355952.jpegGuys, during typing we can’t simply think about the article which you type about. You have to be thorough with your content knowledge so that you don’t waste time thinking. So first plan the flow of the answer in your mind and start writing it.

Suppose you want to write on a topic and start to write over it. You obviously have some questions to do better your article. So, you will find solution on the internet or other source. But if you find your topic and have a clear concept and better ideas your written goal. You have to complete your article without any confusion or thinking.  

 So, I’ll suggest you always start to write your article after a better thinking of that topic. It will increase your typing speed and will be able to finish the post on time.

2. Set a timer: 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-714701.jpegFixed a time and set a time on your timer device. So that your device remain you your time is out and start your run again. 

Suppose that you want to take 5 minutes to fill a page at your speed today. You have started your typing and after 5 minutes you see that you can’t fill your page. But never get time more than that 5 minutes. So, start your mission again. Ans this time you fail again. Just try and try to reach your target again and again. It must reach your targeted time.

After reaching your target, next time write the same thing again and increase your speed. Check whether you are able to finish that in a lesser time. Each time try reducing the time until you get a constant timing. That will give you your speed.

3. Practice for a long time and everyday: 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-260447.jpegWith that speed, you have to practice for long hours. You may take small breaks in between but make it a habit to continuously write for 2-3 hours. Because It will be a time to write a long article about 2k-3k words.

You must write every day at any cost and try to write without any break within your targeted time. You will be determined to write until completing the article. In this process, After a year your typing speed will be 40+ and you will be able to write a 2k words content spending only a single hour.

At the beginning, you may have some pain on the typing perion. In that case, use a soft grip or hand ball and normal pressure as it will help us write longer reduce fatigue and muscle cramp. Never leave your seat. because It can turn you one of your other work.

4. Never pressure yourself: 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is industry-vintage-old-fabric.jpgPressure always hinder your efforts and fall you into the dust. So, while writing, never take a pressure. Because it will take both your energy and  willpower. It also make you bore to write and you will be failed to improve yourself.

 If you think about your personal job with a pressure. Do you able to do it perfectly on thime as you want. If you done it. I’ll say you are an extraordinary. But normal people never do anything properly under pressure.

5. Do some exercise:

 This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-1556710.jpegFor beginners, I’ll suggest you to take some exercise to write faster and long time. I hope you found this session useful. Let’s try out these warm-up exercises:

  • We get those smiley faced balls made of foam in the market, squeeze it and relax, try it 4-5 times.
  • Place 4-5 coins on a table, pick it and place it, pick it place it and repeat. Use tripod fingers.
  • Tear small bits of paper and make paper balls. Here again, using your tripod fingers.
  • Hold a pencil and using those fingers try to walk it towards the end. Walk it back and repeat.
  • Place a rubber band around the fingers and thumb, stretch it and relax. Repeat the same. By doing these exercises we are training our hand and finger muscles and this will help us write longer without any fatigue.

I also suggest to initially focus on achieving the speed as well as improve the written style part.