Hi there, I hope you already create your website or blog and post some content. In this content, I’ll show you how to add social media buttons on your WordPress blog site.

What is Social Media?

Social media means those sites which we use our day to day life to get communications among us. We also use it different commercial purposes. Facebook, Tweeter, google+, are some most popular social media.

Why it is so important?

Importance of social media is incomparable. Today we never run a single day without using social media. If anybody in the world is not engaged in it, that’s unbelievable.

Small and medium business always attract most of their own social media like facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn and so on. Facebook is the king of social media. As a website or blog is completely internet-based, you must connect your site on social media.

Social media marketing:

Social media marketing will increase your brand’s awareness. seventy-eight you look after little businesses use social media to draw in new customers. what is more thirty third of consumers have known social media as however, they determine new brands product and services?

A company’s social media presence, once done properly, tells shoppers that their complete is active and centered on thriving communication with shoppers. sixty-three of shoppers World Health Organization rummage around for businesses on-line area unit additional possible to use ones with associate degree informative social media presence. want additional assistance on a way to validate your brand? explore our disapproval web site.

Your visitor hasn’t time to copy your post link to share it on their social profile. If there is a one-click sharing section, the audience will share it easily. So let’s learn how to add social media buttons on your WordPress blog site. It helps you to get more traffic in your blog.

To know a-z of the plugin, just follow the simple steps.

1. Get the social share plugin


  • Go to your dashboard, find the plugin area and click on plugins option.


Click on the Add New button and go to the searching area.


Search the get social plugin and click install now.


Then click on the Active button.


Now find out the get social plugin control panel option on the dashboard.


Just click on the activate your account button and go to the plugin’s apps area.

2. Install and activate your favorite app

Now and you’re going to be presented with the AppStore inside your WordPress installation. Here you have the tools ids that get social has in order to increase your shares in your traffic and your subscriber. You have to select a tool from sharing tools. It helps to follow tools engaging apps such as it’s the Welcome bars, scrubber bar and also some integrations.


If you’re into it a good example is one of the most used features which is the horizontal share part. If you click to install the app you’ll be going to the app editor panel. You’re now an investor at your blog/websites and you’ll be able to customize your share bar with the social networks.

3. Customize as you want:

  • If you want to customize what appearance the size of the buttons and also the shape and responsiveness of your share bar, you can find that if there is a counter share level etc.
  • The bunch of tools that help you to customize the share bar looks to your needs. you also have on WordPress some specific options that help you include this plugin in your pages.
  • Going to settings you can actually define where you want your sharing bars to be displayed. And this is something you get very often on our support system because people sometimes want to include these only on posts, only on pages and both or maybe they just want to use shortcuts to define where they want to see their sharing app.
  • Here you can easily address that you can also enable the feature. It allows you to have multiple share parts on the same page, for instance, your archive page or your home page. It’s rather easy you also have the option to exclude pages so for instance.


If your blog/website is on the WordPress, you just choose your apps, customize them and you click one button.
To install the apps and then obviously you have some social sharing analytics. It helps you to understand how each social network and how each activity is driving traffic and commercials back to the website. It’s very easy to use The apps and active for your blog/website.

Just click on the save and activate the button and enjoy the apps.

Have any question? You should know me on a comment. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.