Hi friends, today I’m going to learn about what is cornerstone content, why is cornerstone content so important, know your cornerstone articles and so much. So, let’s learn over cornerstone content.

cornerstone definition:

A cornerstone is the most important and based stone at the corner of a building or other construction. And this stone is very important for construction or form of anything. So, we consider it as “the basic part of something” like any physical or written work.

As we celebrate the moment when we introduce a construction or building get started with a cornerstone. Like this when we create a site or blog we start it a certain topic or niche, we call it as cornerstone content.
All the site or blog has a cornerstone article. In that article, all the pieces of information are connected. It has also appeared the full ideas of that topic or niche.

What is cornerstone content?

What is Cornerstone Content1

 Cornerstone content is that article which is the core of your blog or website. We generally don’t give our all articles the same value. Rather, we post some of our articles depending on our niche and target. We also tried our best to rank them of the highest positions on search engines. So, we try to give more and more informations into these articles. And It is the cornerstone meaning of a content.

Generally, the cornerstone content is a informative, most helpful and connected with other relevant articles for providing all the informations of that topic. It will be also updated and copitable with the recent informations.

The main reason of the importance of a cornerstone content:

 A cornerstone content is important of it’s structure and value. It works a lot for SEO. Because, This content has a lot of informations, inbound, outbound and internal link that attract search engines a lot.
When a topic or niche is very hard or difficult to rank up on search engines, The cornerstone content help there like a magic to rank up that article.
As Google give an extra value of this kind of article, people create that article with their best opinion, informations and a lot of internal or external link.

What does a cornerstone content have:



Step-1: Choose a content topic:

To create a cornerstone content, you must choose the best topic over your niche. It should be a informative topic related to your niche.
You must have a good research over the topic. It is very important to spend more time to research the topic.
Finding the perfect topic, you can ask people in different social site, search internet, gather as more as question on this topic. 


Step-2: Research keyword:

Choosing a cornerstone keyword, target your niche as well as your audience thats have a great demand in online.

A cornerstone content keyword will be the parent keyword of that topic. It has a lot of search volume and good number of click. As a cornerstone content will bring most of your traffic, It will not be fruitful to choose a low volume keyword.

Try to get the low competitive keyword. But it is not compulsory. Because, cornerstone content is king of all contents. It can rank search engines result fighting any kind of competitive articles. I recommend to choose a medium competitive keyword to rank up fast.  But don’t choose any low search volume keyword.


Step-3: Write awesome, unique and long article:

A cornerstone article should be informative, unique and long content. If your writing have any copyrighting content, it will effect on your article. So, you can rewrite them to do 100% unique.

Your cornerstone article should be readable and easy to read with simple words. So, that all of your users can enjoy it very much.

I recommend you to write a cornerstone article with more than 2500 words. Because Google have a value of long content.

Create list in your writing as more as possible. You can use bulleted or numbered list in your content. To get more informations take a look on my articles “How to write a content like a herro

Step-4: Linking:

Linking is very important to create a cornerstone content. You must see the wikipedia content. They are connected any piece of information to others. And for that reason, it homes the top position on any search engines.

You must input as much as possible internal link. It will connect a mass linking of all of your contents.

Besides internal linking, you should link a number of outbound linking to cover the full informations.

Google never want to a homebound content which has no outbound articles linking. Search engines always want to spread informations all over the world and connected each other.


Step-5: Publish and rank up:

Finally, publish your content and start work for ranking. To get the best result, you should buy some link from good site related your niche. If your article rank
higher once it will get thousands of backlink from this type of niche site.
Besides linking, you should take a look over on page SEO. Remove any technical issue like title, meta, duplicate content etc. It will keep your content always top
Never compromise indexing issue. If it occurs, your content will get a planty and fall down. Your efforts will be vain.


Your cornerstone content will be up to date. Update it in as less as 3 months. Because search engines follow content update a lot and decide ranking.

You should add more informations to make it more informative and easy in every update.

After post your cornerstone article, you should publish more and more articles related to it.
Link every post related your cornerstone article. And also link your others article of your cornerstone link.
You can take a look over linking structure here.