There are many ways to publish your WordPress posts or pages. You can make your post visible, privet or password protected. But, by default, when we publish a post/pages, It will make apparent to our visitors. Our today’s post is about WordPress private page or post.

So, guys today I’m going to teach you to create a WordPress private page. It’s so simple to create an individual page or post in WordPress. So, let’s learn it in less than 2 minutes.

What is a private post:

How to Create a WordPress Private Page

The private post is a post which is not visible to visitors. We create these posts/pages for  These posts are designed for private purposes. But, If you want, you can permit someone to see this post. If you wish to so, you must create a user id and allow them to log in to see the private post/page.


Who can see a Private Post/Page:

Though, a private post is a hidden post for all. But, There is a wordpress build in system to access these types of posts to visible others. Here are the role who can create and view these posts/pages.


Admin can create, edit or view a post privately. He can allow others to see the post creating another admin or editor account. He can also view, edit or delete other’s private posts.


An editor can also create, delete or view a private post created by him or others.


The author of a site can only create or see of his own private post. He is not allowed to see other’s post. If he want he can delete his created posts.

How to create a Private post/page in wordpress:

To create your post/page publish privately, follow the simple instructions.
At first, you have to need to create a new post or page. Learn here over writing the best content for your blog or website. To create an existing page private, You can also edit it.
Take a look at the right site bar selecting with document option. Here, you will see the visibility option. Just click the public option to find all the visibility options.
Wordpress Private post
 In default, you will see the public option selected. But you need to select the second option to private your publishing page/post. After then, Click on publish button to publish your post privately. You can also select the option below to protect your page with password.
WordPress Private Page


The result of Private Blog Post in WordPress:

Here I published this post privately and take a screenshot for my visitors. But, I updated it leter public.

private blog post


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