Hey everyone, Today I’m going to learn you over how to wrap text around an image in WordPress:

Just follow the simple steps to learn over the topic.

1. Just log into your WordPress site and go to your dashboard.

2. Add a new post or edit a post.

3. Add a title and click on WordPress Default Editor. In here there are two options of the editor because I use Divi builder also.

4. Write a description of the post and click on the block and select image option.

5. Choose one of the three options. Upload option for choose image from your computer, Media option to choose your existing image or insert from url to choose image from any link. Here I choose Media library option.

6. Choose one of your images and click on the select button

Here you can also edit your image with edit option in the right site.

6. Click on the image and get the following options and wrap the image around the text.

From left choose the upper or lower icon to up or down image or text.

Choose blue option to set you image left side and word wrapping right and lower side.

Choose the red option to set your image top and word will be lower side.

Choose the green option to set you image right side and word wrapping left and lower side.

You can also point the mouse cursor on the dot icon and scroll for bigger or smaller size of image.

Here are some model of wrapping words around the image:

Left Side Image and right and lower side wrapping words.

Center Image and lower side wrapping words.

Right Side Image and left and lower side wrapping words.

Thanks a lot to read out the post.